Silk Impression Prints

Silk Impression Prints are @ArtbySRoss designs based on the Abstract Watercolours painted by Sylvia Ross. The designs are enlarged and printed onto silk impression fabric.

Three different sizes of Silk Impression Prints can be purchased from the online WALL ART SHOP :-

  • The Small size prints (A3: 43cm X 29.7cm) – £50 plus postage & packaging.
  • The Medium size prints (80cm X 60cm) – £150 plus postage & packaging.
  • The Large size prints (182.88cm X 121.92cm / 6 feet X 4 feet) – £500 plus postage & packaging.

Framing Guidance

The Silk Impression Prints are sold unframed to simplify delivery and reduce postage costs. For guidance on framing the Artwork click here.


Bespoke Artworks can also be created using other dimensionsClick here for information.


Due the abstract nature of the Art, the shape is flexible, you can have a square print or a rectangular print.



Repeat Patterns

Some of the Silk Impression Prints are based on Repeat Patterns taken from a single Watercolour.

Print Sets

Click here to view Silk Impression Diptych and Triptych Print Sets.


Each Silk Impression Print in the shop has a unique Art ID codes, e.g., P14_04 FM4A_1, these are used to identify Artworks.

Limited Editions

Click here for information on the print run size associated with Silk Impression Prints.


Each Silk Impression Print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Visualising in a Room

Go to the WALL ART GALLERY to see a range of Silk Impression Prints in a series of Rooms.

Creating an Art Wall

Click here for guidance on creating Art Walls and to view @ArtbySRoss Art Wall examples.


Most Silk Impression Prints can be displayed as Portrait or Landscape. If you have selected to add an Artists Mark it’s location will be impacted by the Artworks orientation :-


Click here for information on selecting the location of the mark.

Buying Silk Impression Prints

Go to the WALL ART SHOP to view and buy Silk Impression Prints.


Silk Impression Prints are made to order, so please allow between 5 and 10 days for delivery. Click here for information on pre delivery checks and additional  delivery information.


First time customers will have a free 6″ x 4″ Digital Print included with their order (while stocks last). Click here for more information.

Caring for your Artwork

Exposure to strong sunlight can drain the colour from the silk impression fabric, so it’s best to avoid hanging your artwork anywhere where it will receive a lot of direct sunlight. If you specifically want to hang the Artwork in your sunroom, make sure that the Artwork is framed with a UV filtering acrylic frame rather than a glass one.

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