Silk Impression Fabric

Silk Impression fabric features the same light, delicate and luxurious appearance of real silk, but it’s more cost effective and easier to care for. @ArtBySRoss designs are printed using dye sublimation in full colour. There is a vibrancy to the printed Artwork that is often missing from Canvas Prints. The shimmer and drape of the fabric adds another dimension to the Artwork.


The silk impression fabric does not crush easily but if there are any creases when you unpack, just lightly iron prior to framing your Artwork.

Caring for your Artwork

Exposure to strong sunlight can drain the colour from the Silk Impression fabric, so it’s best to avoid hanging your artwork anywhere where it will receive a lot of direct sunlight. If you specifically want to hang the Artwork in your sunroom, make sure that the Artwork is framed with a UV filtering acrylic frame rather than a glass one.

Silk Impression Prints

You can view the @ArtbySRoss Silk Impression Prints created using this fabric in the :-


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