Creating an Art Wall

As an alternative to having a single large Artwork as a focal point in a room you can create an Art Wall displaying multiple smaller Artworks of varying sizes. The following slideshow illustrates some effective Art Walls created using mainly A3 Silk Impression and 7″ x 5″ Digital @ArtbySRoss Prints.

Slideshow – Art Wall Examples



Tips and rules for creating an Art Wall

  • When choosing Artwork, go for a range of prints that have a colour and/or a pattern link. The A3 Print sets are a good starting point for this.
  • Choose a Hero piece (the stage-stealing item that you just can’t look away from) and build around it.
  • Use different sizes of frames and/or mix frame orientation.
  • Layout your framed Artwork on the floor first, experiment with different locations and groupings. When you’re happy with the layout, take a reference photo.
  • You don’t need to use matching frames but it does make creating an effective Art Wall a bit easier.
  • Your Art Wall does not need to be central to the room, corner Art Walls can work too.
  • Halls and Staircases are also good locations for Art Walls.
  • If your Art Wall is on a staircase, use removable adhesive tape/tabs to hold the bottom corners of frames in place and keep Artwork parallel with the angle of the stairs. Don’t include larger Artworks unless you can view them at a distance.
  • You can add larger Artworks to an Art Wall if space permits and you have enough smaller Artworks to provide balance. Click here to view Medium sized prints that you can potentially use as your Hero piece when creating a larger Art Wall.
  • Art work should ideally be spaced 2-3 inches apart and ideally not more than 6 inches apart.
  • You don’t need to follow the rules, just go with what you think looks good.
  • Choose a wall that does not get direct sunlight. The one rule that is worth following to keep your Artworks from being damaged by the sun.


Staircase Art Wall

If you’re using a staircase as an Art wall, angle the Artwork in line with the staircase (as illustrated below) ensuring that the centre of the Artwork is at eye level, typically 60 inches from the step directly below. The Artworks can be displayed as a mix of portrait and landscape, you can also mix sizes and frame types.



Click here for more guidance on framing and hanging Artwork.

Buying Artworks

View @ArtbySRoss Artwork in the :-

Original Artwork is also occasionally for sale online, click here to view the currently available Artworks.



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